Still Different Song & Music Video

My song “Still Different” came together during the pandemic with heavy isolation and feeling on my own. Dealing with doubt and discouragement about being a hip-hop artist from a rural area, I wanted to express how I was feeling so that others wouldn’t feel alone. I wrote this song to help people feel confident in their uniqueness. It’s an affirmation to embrace what makes us different.

I produced the beat with Ian Evans who played keys on the track, and I rapped, sang, arranged in new styles that I hadn’t yet explored. The song was mastered once again by my engineer Bob Macc (Subvert Central Mastering) in the United Kingdom.

Writing rhymes and rapping has become a bigger discipline in my life. It’s become more important, because it’s the hardest part of what I do. I find that I really have to push myself to do it consistently. My goal has been to write and rap something every single day. I’ve been living up to that (for the most part). “Still Different” is a product of that heightened discipline.

My inspirations and influences for this track come from rappers like J. Cole, Russ, Logic, Kota the Friend, Marlon Craft and many other amazing artists who rap and tell stories from personal experiences.

Genres: Hip-Hop/Rap, Alternative Hip-Hop, Lyrical Rap, Trap, Pop Rap, Conscious Hip-Hop and more.

The song is out now on all streaming platforms, with a music video on Youtube.

I filmed the music video in The Berkshires with my partner, Amy Inglis/Avida Love Photography. We did the video just the two of us, as we sometimes do, by going on adventures and finding cool secret locations. We also filmed at The Clark Art Institute in Williamstown, MA in addition to a remote location in Egremont, MA. The shots in the video are meant to capture the essence of who I am: a hip-hop artist from the woods. That’s how I’m different. I edited the music video myself. I’ve been wearing a lot of hats in this phase of my career. I recognize this time as an era in my career. I’m building a team of people who have different skills and areas of expertise. I’m working hard now to get to a point where a label might be interested, but for now I’m not waiting on anything. I’m also recognizing that the most important part of my artistry will always be the songs and music making. These are some thoughts about why I am doing so much video editing lately. All I want to do is make music, but I can’t say the other stuff isn’t sort of fun sometimes.

I want to give thanks to everyone out there who is listening to my music and supporting the dream.

I’m a lyricist and producer from the woods creating hip-hop from the heart to uplift and inspire listeners around the world.