How to Purchase Exclusive Hip-Hop/Rap Beats

Below is a playlist of beats that are currently available on my beat store.


My name is Jackson Whalan. I rap and produce music to uplift and inspire people around the world who love hip-hop. You can find my music on any streaming platform under my name. 

In addition to releasing music and touring, I recently started selling my original beats for rappers and singers who release their own original music. Throughout my career, I’ve produced music for artists like KRS-One, Rittz, Just Juice, Myka 9, Mr. Lif, Supernatural, and the list goes on. I’ve sold beats to artists who are just getting started releasing music, as well as experienced independent artists, and everything in between.

Production Highlights

My inspirations include J Dilla, Timbaland, J. Cole, Logic, Kendrick Lamar, DJ Premier, Nas, and many more. My production style lends toward boom bap, underground, the 90s, jazz hop, and alternative hip-hop, but I also create modern, pop, trap, electronic, and RnB style beats.

I started making beats when I was a kid just to have some original music to rap to. Now, I love making beats just as much as I love rapping and writing songs. As a beat-maker who raps, I want to help you navigate the process of finding and buying beats online.

One of the most popular places to buy beats online is BeatStars. There are other marketplaces like Airbit or Soundclick. It looks like United Masters even started a “beat exchange”. These are websites with a ton of beats to choose from, with non-exclusive lease options that make purchasing a beat inexpensive, but the terms can be confusing. Leasing and non-exclusive licensing can mean that you can only use it for a limited time, or that other artists can release music with the same beat that you bought. Often, there is no person-to-person interaction. You click “buy” and complete the purchase without having connected with the producer.

From the perspective of both a rapper and producer, I find these websites to be pretty saturated and impersonal. If you don’t last long in supermarkets, these sites might not be for you. It can be overwhelming to have a ton of beats to choose from. That being said, much respect to the people who feel like these platforms work well for them.

I prefer to have a direct connection with my clients who are buying beats. An inquiry through my store always includes a free phone consultation. I choose to only sell my beats through my own website, and I only do exclusive licenses, with just 10 beats available at a time. This means that when you buy a beat, you become the only artist who can use it. My beat store is a boutique destination for artists, and you won’t find my beats listed for sale anywhere else. Check out the beat store here.

The process of purchasing a beat from my store:

– Select the beat you want or select “custom” to have a beat made from scratch

– Submit an inquiry through the form from the store

– We get on a phone call to discuss and work out a deal

– Once our contract is signed and payment is completed, files, including  .WAV and individual tracks/stems/trackouts, get delivered within 24 hrs

In conclusion, my intention is to establish a relationship that helps you grow and succeed. I wrote this blog to help you in your process of finding the right beats to release your music with. Please check out the beats in my store. The music comes first.