Only Let Your Higher Self Advise You: Discipline Single & Video

About the song

I just dropped a heavy-hitting, dark, creepy, yet encouraging and uplifting song “Discipline”. I wrote it to be a soundtrack for activities that require you to push yourself beyond your comfort zone. I’ve has had to push myself in many ways lately in my personal life.

I hope my song “Discipline” helps people to people feel confident and energized. I recently started going on runs while listening to music, which inspired me to write this song. I wanted to share my passion for reaching goals. I wanted to create something that I would want to listen to while running.

As a full-time independent artist, I’ve been called to bring self-discipline into my life. Focusing on health and fitness, finding the right recording studio, and recently becoming a father have all required a new level of dedication and focus. Staying disciplined has become a necessity.

Inspired by artists like Logic, J. Cole, Cordae, Nas, Kota the Friend, and others who put empowering messages into their rap.

I produced “Discipline” with keyboardist/composer Ian Evans in The Berkshires, MA, where I’m currently based with a new studio deep in the woods. Live mbira, live percussion, 808s, and programmed drums make up the instrumentation.

Recent highlights in my career include producing a song for KRS-One and a sync placement of his song “BIG FVCTS” in the tv show “All American”. “Discipline” is the first of many single releases on the way as I get back into action after my brief paternity leave. My son Fynn was born in June and it changed everything.

Special thanks to Alchemical Records including Discipline in their New Music Friday article


Produced by Jackson Whalan
Co-produced by Ian Evans Keyboard, mbira, and percussion by Ian Evans
Vocals, drum programming, percussion, and additional production by Jackson Whalan
Vocal Engineer: Evan Melville Vocals recorded at Patchwerk Recording Studios in Atlanta, GA
Mixing Engineer: Jackson Whalan
Mastering Engineer: Robert Macchiochi / Subvert Central Mastering


Very special thanks to Shimi Rotches for featuring his orange Mustang GT
Filmed by Amy Inglis and Jackson Whalan
Production assistants: Clare Maloney and Catherine Hancock
BTS footage and photography: Catherine Hancock

Filmed mostly with a GoPro Hero 10 
Location: The Berkshires, MA