Mindset – A Lo-Fi Lyrical Rap Song

Rapping whatever comes to mind is an important exercise for me.

My song mindset is out now wherever you listen

Sometimes, rapping is a way for me to let out whatever comes to mind. It’s therapeutic, like a journal entry. It also leads to funny lines and wordplay that you might not catch on the first listen.

I produced the beat for “Mindset”, and also played clarinet on the song. Lo-Fi vibes on this one. 

My inspirations for this song are Kota the Friend, Watksy, J. Cole, Langston Bristol, and other lyrical Hip Hop artists who are putting out similar songs.

I’m a recording artist and music producer from The Berkshires, MA / Western Massachusetts, who raps and makes beats to uplift and inspire listeners worldwide. I am part-time in New York City and L.A. as well.

Thanks for connecting! 

– Jackson