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Jackson Whalan is an award-winning producer and beatmaker

Production credits: KRS-One, Mr. Lif, Rittz, Juice Juice, Supernatural, and more

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Frequently Asked Questions

Exclusive Beats Prices for the beats listed above are negotiated depending on which beat(s) you are interested in purchasing. After you send an inquiry, pricing will be discussed.

Jackson can also produce custom beats from scratch. Select “custom production” when you send an inquiry.

– Exclusive or non-exclusive use
– Ownership of the beat
– 75% of publishing/writer share
– .WAV file
– Stems
– One round of revisions

*An hourly rate of $100/hour is applied after the first round of revisions

The beats on this page are only available here and for a limited time.

As soon as we receive the contract and payment in full, you will receive the files. In certain cases if the beat is in development, you can request a .mp3 file to use for your creative process.

We accept payments through Stripe and PayPal. This includes most credit cards.

Upon request, we can accept payment via Venmo or Cashapp.

Once all parties have signed the contract, you will receive an invoice to make a payment online.

An exclusive license means that no one else can use the beat once you purchase it. The master recording then belongs to you. While you become the owner of the beat, the composers of the beat still retain their portion of the publishing/writer share of the composition.

Jackson typically retains 25% of the publishing/writer share.

Yes. You will receive each individual track of the instrumental, or stems, depending on what suits your needs for mixing.

Yes, you can read through the exclusive license sample contract HERE.

For questions about the contract, submit an inquiry and we can discuss your particular needs. 

I occasionally use samples in some of my beats. If the beat contains a sample that needs to be cleared, the clearing of any sampled materials is the sole responsibility of the buyer/end user. Jackson Whalan Music cannot, and will not be held liable for the misuse of any sampled material that you use without gaining proper clearance of the sampled material. You will be notified if a beat that you want to purchase contains any uncleared samples.

Jackson will ask for two to three references of songs/beats that exemplify the style you are looking for. He will produce a beat based on the style you are seeking, sometimes with other musicians involved. This usually happens within two weeks, unless otherwise discussed. He will deliver an initial version. You will be able to send notes for one round of revisions. After one round of revisions, Jackson can continue to work on the beat for an hourly rate of $75 if necessary. When you are fully satisfied, you will receive the finished files and submit a receipt of services. 

If you are still looking for more information or have more questions about the process, feel free to contact us at hello@jacksonwhalan.com