The Complexity of Artificial Spotify Streams

It’s deeply concerning that anyone could add any artist’s music to a bot-driven Spotify playlist, which could result in that artist’s music being removed. Spotify is trying to crack down on fraudulent streams and paid campaigns that offer guaranteed streams and playlist placements, but what if it’s not the artist’s fault? What if someone just wants to mess with an artist’s music? What if a song is added to a fake-streaming playlist without the artist’s participation or involvement? I am curious to know if any other artists in my circle have experienced this issue.


“Take Off” – Rapping over a new style of music

Available on all major streaming platforms.

Rapping over this style of music is new for me. I wrote my song “Take Off” to reflect on how much my life has been changing lately. Becoming a dad, focusing on fitness, and fully going for it with music, there’s been a lot of personal growth that’s been happening in my life, so that’s where my songwriting is going too. Lately, it’s been all about leveling up.


Opening for GZA

I opened for GZA in Greenfield, MA to a sold-out crowd and got to build with his band backstage.

BRK BRD Releases Corona Diaries: A Berkshire Hip-Hop Legacy Album

Berkshire County, MA hip-hop artists Quintavious Walls (Carolina Black), Regi Wingo (Dominik Omega), Eric Shuman (D.R.A.M.A.T.I.C.), and Jackson Whalan collaborated to put out a full-length album called Corona Diaries, under the group name BRK BRD.


Only Let Your Higher Self Advise You: Discipline Single & Video

I just dropped a heavy-hitting, dark, creepy, yet encouraging and uplifting song “Discipline”. I wrote it to be a soundtrack for activities that require you to push yourself beyond your comfort zone. I’ve has had to push myself in many ways lately in my personal life.


This Is How I Freestyle Rap

In this blog post, I share a bit about how I freestyle: why I love it, how I learned, and some straight-forward techniques and exercises that I use to stay on my toes and get better.