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12/29 at The Egremont Barn: Jackson Whalan Live Band

On Saturday, December 29th at 8PM, Jackson Whalan will perform original hip-hop music with his live band at The Egremont Barn in Egremont, MA. Tickets are available here. Amidst frequent touring and consistent music releases over the past few years, a hometown show is a special occasion for Jackson.

The live band formation will include Jules Jenssen on drums, Brian Ross on bass, Ian Evans on keys, Ian Stewart on trumpet, and Tyler Gasek on saxophone. Here is some footage of their recent rehearsals:

In May of 2018 Jackson released his most recent album, Millennial Sound, an exposition of generational angst and a look at current affairs of the world through the lens of classic hip-hop production with a modern flare. He has since released additional music, and is currently based in The Berkshires with a studio space in Housatonic, MA, where he makes beats and records his vocals.

As the year ends, Jackson looks forward. He plans to release a series of singles and music videos in 2019, all of which will culminate into an album. He will continue to tour, strategically so, and is beyond excited about playing with a live band, a change of course from his solo DJ/Producer format of performing. Jackson claims, “the live band creates a huge impact. It’s like the instrumentation is the score, and the lyrics are the movie. I am so fortunate and thankful to have grown up in The Berkshires with such talented musicians who are also close friends. There is something about us all on stage together that can’t be felt if it’s just me spinning my beats. I feel like this band is going to go far.”

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